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Sonnet: On Seeing Miss Helen Maria Williams Weep At A Tale Of Distress

She wept.--Life's purple tide began to flow
In languid streams through every thrilling vein;
Dim were my swimming eyes--my pulse beat slow,
And my full heart was swell'd to dear delicious pain.
Life left my loaded heart, and closing eye;
A sigh recall'd the wanderer to my breast;
Dear was the pause of life, and dear the sigh
That call'd the wanderer home, and home to rest.
That tear proclaims--in thee each virtue dwells,
And bright will shine in misery's midnight hour;
As the soft star of dewy evening tells
What radiant fires were drown'd by day's malignant pow'r,
That only wait the darkness of the night
To cheer the wand'ring wretch with hospitable light.


威廉·华兹华斯(William Wordsworth,1770-1850年),英国浪漫主义诗人,曾当上桂冠诗人。华兹华斯的诗歌理论动摇了英国古典主义诗学的统治,有力地推动了 英国诗歌的革新和浪漫主义运动的发展,因而英美评论家将华兹华斯的《抒情歌谣集序》称为英国浪漫主义的宣言。​华兹华斯是文艺复兴运动以来最重要的英语诗人之一 ,其诗句“朴素生活,高尚思考(plain living and high thinking)”被作为牛津大学基布尔学院的格言...[华兹华斯的诗歌]


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